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Rose McGowan Accuses Director Robert Rodriguez Of Exploitation

Rose McGowan is pointing the finger at yet another big-name Hollywood heavy hitter. This time, it’s movie director and ex-boyfriend Robert Rodgriquez. She claims the man she loved at the time used the information of her 1997 rape at the hands of Harvey Weinstein on the set of “Scream” — and the subsequent payout she accepted and industry blacklisting that came afterward — against her in an exploitative manner.

Robert Rodriguez told Variety back in October that he cast McGowan in his 2007 flick “Planet Terror” as a type of revenge on her behalf, giving her a leading role as a bad-azz character after years of her being blacklisted by Weinstein. As a result, the release of the movie, a double-feature alongside Quentin Tarantino’s film “Death Proof,” released as “Grindhouse,” was buried by Weinstein out of spite and did not do the expected box office numbers.

However, Rose has a different accounting of events. She tells Vanity Fair in a new article that Rodriguez held the comeback opportunity he was giving her over her head, and used his knowledge of the details of her encounter with Weinstein to play exploitative mind games with her. He placed her in a near-rape attack scene with Tarantino, causing her to lose her grip on her sanity. Then, in the ultimate betrayal, he sold the film to the Weinstein company.

The thing is…Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan started a full-on boyfriend/girlfriend relationship while on set of the exact same movie — unbeknownst to Rodriguez’s wife at the time. The relationship not only cost Rodriguez his marriage but also his career opportunities for a time since the scandal didn’t play all that well for him in the industry. Plus, the movie he put himself on the line for was far from a box office success.

Jeez, let Rose tell it, she has STEADILY had the roughest go of it for the last 20 years in the industry.



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