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Explaining What The U.S. Government Shutdown Means

In case you hadn’t heard, the United States government is no longer operational, well, sort of operational. It’s complicated.

For weeks now Democrats and Republicans have been arguing over a stopgap spending bill that would fund government’s day-to-day activities. Attached to that bill is all sorts of political chess pieces that lead to serious conflict on both sides of the aisle.

The Democrats want protection for DACA “dreamers” and the anti-immigrant GOP gang wants funding for Trump dumba$$ “wall” and border security. You see the problem.

Last night was the last chance for both the donkeys and the elephants to get their s#!t together, but that didn’t happen. So, the shutdown is in full effect and here’s what that means.

According to CNN, thousands of gov’t employees will go on furlough, they will not report to work and they will not be paid. When a shutdown occurred in 2013, there were about 850,000 employees affected. Lot of people not getting the money that feeds their families.

Furlough also affects White House employees, over 1,000 of them, 659 of which are considered “essential” will still come to work, but only to send emails and correspond with parties to let them know they won’t be working.

This also affects soldiers, even those in active combat, they are fighting for free at this point. No checks will be distributed to those who are risking their life for us as well as this inept body of federal officials.

TSA will still get paid, but the employees may not. The mail man will still deliver your mail.

HOWEVER, the one group of feds who will still work diligently with pay is the Special Counsel, headed by Robert Mueller, who is investigating all of Donald Trump’s shady shenanigans.

Oh, by the dubs, today marks Donald Trump’s 365th day as crispy cheeto POTUS.

Congratulations, d!¢khead. We have no gov’t. Great job. SMFH.


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