Angry Anglo-Saxon Alert: Tartar Toothed Teacher Tells Class To “Turn Ni**er Tunes Off” When They Play Tupac

- By Bossip Staff

Alabama Teacher Uses Slur After Hearing Students Bumping Tupac

A teacher has been placed on paid leave after hurling the N-word to describe music that was playing in her classroom. Food & Nutrition teacher Teddie Butcher allows her class to play music as they work on projects but when a student hit the play button on Tupac’s “Dear Mama” Butcher reportedly told the class to “turn the n*gger tunes off”.

Claiming that she was upset by the foul language, many parents of students at Hoover High School have stepped forward to refute this by saying there is no vulgar or inappropriate lyrics in the song.

Butcher apologized to the students in her class but many don’t feel it was genuine stating “After meeting with her, it’s just baffling to me how someone does not understand the severity of the weight of that word.”

There was a video of Butcher making the statement but the school made students delete the evidence of her using the slur.

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