Go Back To Bed: Singer From Yesteryear J. Holiday Says He’s Sick Of Successful Black Female Artists Getting Grammy Nominations

- By Bossip Staff

J. Holiday Lashes Out At Beyonce, SZA, And Cardi B. For Getting Grammy Noms

Remember J. Holiday? We’re guessing probably not. So if you need a reminder, once upon a time he had a song called “Bed” that was actually a song by The-Dream and was really popular on urban radio for a few months back in 2007.

Anyway, he just randomly resurfaced a few days ago with a few gripes about Black women using their “pain” in their songs to turn it into musical success and leaving Black men in the dust of disrespect by calling them out on their BS…or something. It wasn’t quite that clear what point he was trying to convey besides his own saltiness as an R&B one-hit-has-been.

In his rant, he basically blames Beyonce, SZA, and Cardi B for being so good at what they do that they leave no room for Black men to come get the shine they deserve. We guess.

“So apparently the Black men still losing to the women—I get it. No disrespect, I was raised by a woman, I have two older sisters, man, I have absolute, all respect for Black women. But with that being said, understand this, man: Black men, African-American men, men from the hood, we go through everything to make sure that who we care about are taken care of. [We] don’t swing d**ks around…don’t do all this bullsh*t to be seen.

I got daughters, man. Beyoncé, Cardi B, SZA—all y’all motherf**kers—stop using that f*cking pain to make it OK to say some bullsh*t on your record, and get nominated for a Grammy for going through some bullsh*t. Because so have I as a Black motherf**king man.”

O…K… Perhaps if J. Holiday channeled some of his OWN pain into some music he might have a career in the modern age? Furthermore…he seemed to have missed the part where Jay-Z was nominated 8 times and Kendrick Lamar nominated another 7 for doing exactly that this year. Plus, singers like Mali Music, Khalid, Childish Gambino (singing on his latest), The Weeknd and Burno Mars all snagged noms. So what he’s talking about…we aren’t too sure.

What do YOU think of J. Holiday’s rant against female artists getting nominations?


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