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Harvey Weinstein’s Personal Assistant Details Duties In Lawsuit

Just when you thought we couldn’t get more disgusted with Harvey Weinstein, his personal assistant has filed a lawsuit that details the dirtiest of duties she claims she was forced to handle.

Page Six obtained the federal suit court documents filed by Sandeep Rehal that reveal how she “was required to be involved in and aware of the preparation for, and clean up after, Harvey Weinstein’s extremely prolific sexual encounters.”

“Another ‘task’ Ms. Rehal was forced to do to aid Harvey Weinstein’s sexual encounters was to clean up the semen on the couch in Harvey Weinstein’s office… on a regular basis,” the suit says.

Rehal, 26 also managed “the stock of Caverject shots for his erectile dysfunction.”

Caverject is shot directly into the male organ, in case y’all didn’t know.

“She had to obtain the shots and keep them stocked in a ​cabinet behind her desk at Harvey Weinstein’s TWC office,” the suit says, using the initials of The Weinstein Company.

“Every time Harvey Weinstein went to meet a woman at a hotel, in the office, or elsewhere, which occurred on average at least three times a week when he was in New York, Ms. Rehal was required as part of her job to provide [him] with a shot, which she placed in his jacket pocket or in a brown paper bag,” the suit states.

After he’d administer the cringe-worthy injection and have sex with a stable of “girls” that Rehal maintained in a list, she’d retrieve the used syringes and condoms from hotel rooms before “housekeeping personnel would do their work,” the suit says.

The list, called “Harvey’s Friends,” had the women’s names with asterisks next to his favorites.

Rehal’s suit also describes how when his regular London doctor stopped prescribing drugs for Weinstein, she was paid a $500 bonus to find him a replacement supply.

The 11-page suit includes additional sickening details about Weinstein allegedly rubbing “his large belly” against his young assistant, groping her thighs and buttocks, and demanding that she “take dictation of his emails while he was naked.”

He often complimented Rehal for her looks and “leered at her.”

“In a futile attempt to minimize Harvey Weinstein’s comments about her appearance, Ms. Rehal started wearing pants,” she says in the suit.

He allegedly responded by complaining, “You used to dress so cute and now what’s going on?”

He demeaned his assistant by calling her a “c—t” and a “p—y,” in front of other company staff and reminded them who was the boss, the suit says.

“He bragged about his power, stating to Ms. Rehal and other employees, ‘I am Harvey Weinstein and you are at Weinstein University. I decide whether or not you graduate,” court papers state.

On numerous occasions he uttered, “What’s wrong Sandeep, is the tampon up too far today?”

Rehal worked at The Weinstein Company for two years, quitting in February 2015 after she decided she “couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Although Harvey Weinstein told Ms. Rehal when he hired her that “he was ‘a tough guy and hard to work for,’ she could never have imagined how awful and terrifying her job would be.” she says in the suit.

“As a result of the hostile work environment caused by the incessant sexual harassment, Ms. Rehal has suffered, and continues to suffer from severe emotional distress, anxiety, depression, humiliation, fear, anguish and loss of self-esteem,” the filing states.

Rehal is suing Weinstein, The Weinstein Company and the firm’s executives for unspecified ​damages.​

A spokeswoman for Weinstein said​,

​ “Mr. Weinstein categorically denies these claims and his lawyers will respond in the appropriate legal forum with evidence proving they are untrue. “

SMH. Is it crazy to y’all he’s still denying this stuff?



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