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Mo’Nique Blasts Will Packer Again

Another day, another Mo’Nique defense video. The bemoaning actress who went after Will Packer amid that Netflix $500K debacle has more to say.

After already leaking emails showing a NASTY back and forth between her husband/manager Sidney and the producer that happened while filming “Almost Christmas”, Mo’s got more “receipts.”

The “world’s most decorated comedienne” who yes, loves us for real, is claiming that Packer, journalist Jawn Murray, Roland Martin and Gary Owen are ALL in the wrong when it comes to her character and bad rep and she has “receipts to prove it.”

Mo says she and her husband previously interviewed close to 20 people on the set of “Almost Christmas” who all agreed that she’s a joy to work with.

Why? Juuuust in case Will Packer tried to pull a fast one on them—like “he’s doing now.”

“The word is how difficult and rudely I treat people, they’re speaking about my character and that I’m rude and nasty to people,” said Mo’Nique.
” Will Packer said on the set of “Almost Christmas” I was rude to the hourly employees, back then we interviewed them because we knew William Packer would try to prove this. […] So they can tell you how my character and behavior was on set.”

Three extras are then seen in the video singing her praises and claiming that she’s a “joy to work with.” (Swipe to see)


Do YOU think this proves that Will Packer and rest of the people “against” Mo’Nique are in the wrong???

More on the flip.

Gary Owen said today on Sister Circle TV that if Mo’Nique would just apologize for her behavior, it would vastly help her career.


Mo’Nique is promoting a new play, The Neighborhood Barbershop.

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