Mo'Nique Continues Speaking On $500K Netflix Offer

Ain’t Over: Mo’Nique Posts Proof That Netflix Only Offered Her $500K & Says She’s Being Bulled By THIS Person

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Another day, another Mo’Nique comment…

Mo’Nique Continues Speaking On $500K Netflix Offer

After getting dragged for her “revolting reputation”, Mo’Nique is defending herself and providing receipts. The comedienne whose been ranting about Netflix” “shadily” only offering her $500K for a comedy special, did a Periscope Wednesday with her husband Sidney and spoke on bullying.

During the video, the “open relationship” couple, said bullying is so prominent in Hollywood that it’s normalized…

“People will ridicule the technique of the self-defense but they’re not focusing on the fact that self-defense needed to be applied in the first place,” said Sidney.

“We’re talking about bullying in Hollywood. For the brothers and the sisters saying, “What’s the deal? Why are we doing this?” The word in all caps is BULLYING,” said Mo’Nique. “We’ve been bullied for so long that we normalize it.

and they alleged that Mo’s being bullied by journalist Jawn Murray in particular. If you can remember, Jawn said that Mo’s reputation is what’s been tainting her career and added that she actually turned down a $3 million Netflix offer because she’d have to audition. Mo’Nique is adamant that that’s untrue however and that the “bully” Jawn is spreading lies.

“When you have a journalist by the name of Jawn Murray and he’s putting out information that’s not true,” said Mo’Nique. N”ot only is it not true, I’ve said to Jawn Murray please prove what you’re saying. Now he’s saying Mo’Nique was offered $3 million by Netflix but she had to audition.

If that’s not bullying then I don’t know what is because ‘I won’t face you, but I’ll say it and walk away from it.'”

“Mo’Nique said to Jawn Murray if you can prove that I got a $3 million offer then I will get out of the business, I will retire,” added her husband Sidney. “I will quit the business. What I will say to you [Jawn]is, is if you’re real with yours, will you quit the business when I provide the emails indicating what Netflix came back and said? Mo’Nique never got a response from him.”

Well damn Mo and Sidney, y’all told Jawn to quit?

Mo'Nique & Husband Sidney Hicks attend the OutFest Fusion Opening Night Screening of "Blackbird" held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California on Friday, March 14, 2014.

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Hit the flip to see Mo’Nique’s proof of her Netflix deal.

Mo posted a picture of a (not so confidential) email from Netflix execs that clearly shows the $500K offer with an additional $310K offered for production, not the $3 million as alleged by Murray.

Jawn Murray says he’s turned down numerous media requests about his comments because he has nothing further to say.


Jawn’s responded and says he’s not the one who brought up the alleged $3 million deal. Instead, he says Rolling Out posted the story.

“Here are the facts: On Jan. 25, 2018, I shared on social media a report by Rolling Out that had a story that the comic calling for the Netflix boycott may have been offered $3 million before the $500K offer. I posed a question as to whether there was more details to the story forthcoming and whether the public was being manipulated into a frivolous boycott. (Screen shots below). I also made reference to this report during my weekly FacebookLive where I addressed this comic and her husband’s unwarranted and fabricated attacks on me during recent radio shows


Mo’Nique also recently called in to Tom Joyner and responded to comedian Guy Torry who wondred if her low offer was because she’s been “out of the game.”

“When you say, ‘out of the game,’ what do you mean out of the game,” asked Mo’Nique. “Here’s where It gets funny, I never left. We were doing the Spread The Love tour, I never stopped doing stand-up. It makes me laugh when you (Guy Torry) and Tony Rock says ‘she left the game’ when you go back through my records, I never left the game.”

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