Kid Ink’s Wife Asiah Collins On Their Decade-Long Love Affair, Friendships And “Foeships” Formed On “The Platinum Life”

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Courtesy Asiah Collins

Asiah Collins Spoke With BOSSIP About Filming “The Platinum Life” And Graduating From Culinary School

Kid Ink’s wife Asiah Collins was definitely a fan favorite on the E! Entertainment series “The Platinum Life,” BOSSIP talked to the LA native about her marriage to Kid Ink, her culinary accomplishments (she just completed her studies and plans to open her own restaurant) and got some insight about her relationships on the show.

Asiah, who shares a two-year-old daughter Aislin with husband of one-year Kid Ink, says the pair have known each other since high school but their relationship started out platonic.

“Everyone thinks that we’ve been together since high school but we’ve known each other since high school, we were just friends,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “We would kind of lose contact then always find our way back to each other. We started dating around my 20th birthday and I’ll be 30 this year. So, it’ll be 10 years that we’ve been together and we’ve been married for one. But yea we’ve known each other for a long time, we grew up together. I remember being in high school and being young and trying to hang out with him, and he was older than me.”

A lot has changed since high school, namely Ink’s success as a multi-platinum artist and songwriter. His work often keeps him on the road but Asiah is devoted to making their marriage work.

“Up until I had our daughter I was with him on every tour, every event, show, and studio session,”Asiah told BOSSIP. “That was just how we rolled, and how we balanced having a relationship in this lifestyle and it worked for a long time. Now with Aislin, we’re there on the road but we’re not always there. You can’t always have a toddler on the road so we’re balancing that now – family life, and being in school, working on opening up my restaurant, and being there when he needs us.”

BOSSIP asked Asiah how she’d advise other couples in the same situation.

“You just have to make time,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “If you want to be with someone and have a relationship that requires you to spend a lot of time apart you just have to make time for each other, put forth the effort, and make it a priority.”

Asiah also credits her husband for being supportive when she moved forward with the opportunity to do reality TV.

“He’s kind of an introvert, he doesn’t really hang around a lot of industry guys because he’s always been an introvert,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “He’s constantly working, and me doing the show, of course, we both were a little hesitant at first. But we met with production and I felt really good about it, he felt really good about it and supported it. Other than the times where I thought I was going to lose my mind, but in those times he’s really spiritual and always gives me the right words to hear at that time. ”

Speaking of the show, Asiah says she does have some regrets about the network not airing more of the positive moments the group spent filming.

“Just a lot of fun times we had together as a group, and there were times we were there for each other. Just bonding and sharing stories of similar situations we’ve gone through in the industry with our men. I think it would’ve been good for the viewers to see that inside look at what we deal with in the industry.”

Viewers may be surprised to learn that some of the women Asiah seemed closest to on the show started off as complete strangers. Hit the flip for the details.

Like many other reality TV shows or docuseries, “The Platinum Life” was packaged by a production company. This meant that many of the women on the show were either complete strangers to Asiah before the season or mere acquaintances. Of course, there were a few exceptions, but you may be surprised about some of the friendships she formed.

“I was lucky to have cast members who were actually my friends and peers that I already had relationships with,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “Shantel and I met through the show and became really close. I hadn’t met La’Myia before, but I’ve known Eric (Bellinger) for years and he always wanted La’Myia and me to get to know each other. I didn’t know Crystal, before so it did bring us together but there were some friendships that were already there going into it.”

If you’ve watched “The Platinum Life” the great dynamic between Asiah and Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson is really clear. Asiah said it was just something that happened naturally.

“You know how you meet someone and you just click instantly?” Asiah asked BOSSIP. “Like we’re so on the same frequency, I guess. She’s always been really upfront and really honest and me and her have a lot of fun together. It just worked. We bonded, she’s a sweetheart.”

And while the positive vibes flowed freely for Asiah and Shantel, things didn’t go as smoothly with everyone. Asiah admitted some of the relationships were forced a little bit because of the show.

“You’re starting a show with women you may have heard about or met before, but don’t have a relationship with, you go into it wanting to hit it off and build a relationship reaching out to each other,” Asiah told BOSSIP. ” But in one instance, like in my case, it just didn’t work.”

The first season of “The Platinum Life” ended just before the New Year with a finale that featured a major meltdown by Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Renay who spent most of the series at odds with Asiah.

“It just didn’t work,” Asiah told BOSSIP of the relationship with Crystal Renay. “I think she and I, we both tried and there were just a lot of people involved and a lot of things that happened so it was just like, “I’m cool”. Like at some point you have to just realize it’s not for you.”

One thing that especially didn’t sit well with Asiah was being portrayed as a mean girl, thanks to Crystal often complaining on-camera about trying hard to fit in with girls who didn’t like her.

“It definitely bothered me because I’ve never been called a mean girl before and I don’t think of myself that way,” Asiah told BOSSIP. So it didn’t really sit well with me, but if that’s her take on it, it’s fine. She and I know the truth. We know what happened between us. She knows how many times I’ve hit her up and tried to squash beef but it is what it is, Sometimes you just can’t force a relationship with people. You can keep trying but when negative things keep happening at that point you just have to know when to walk away.

Asked whether the pair have been in communication since the finale, Asiah revealed that nothing has changed.

“We haven’t spoken since Mexico… and we probably won’t. I don’t have any desire to.”

Fortunately not all of her show relationships have come to an end.

“La’Myia and I talk every once in a while,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “She and I bonded a lot more towards the end of the show and I have a lot of respect for her, I don’t wanna say as an elder but – as an elder.”

As for her relationships that pre-existed “The Platinum Life” Asiah said she felt social media was even harder on her friend Alycia Bella, who suffered a breakup with Ty Dolla $ just before the show aired and while he entered a new romance with Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui.

“Being perceived as a mean girl was hard for me to digest, but that was it,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “I think some of the other girls may have gotten it worse. My girl Alycia. It’s hard when you’re trying to get over a heartbreak and you have to deal with other people’s fans attacking you.”

Asiah says Alycia has been doing well since the show wrapped.

“She’s amazing. Working her butt off and I’m proud of her.”

Hit the flip for what’s up next for Asiah.

Asiah also has a lot on her plate. The 29-year-old revealed she has aspirations to someday own and operate her own restaurant.

“One thing I did start this year is culinary arts school,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “My daughter is turning two, I’m really in a space where I’m ready to work and get into the culinary industry and open my restaurant. It’s just a dream that Ink and I have always had since we were young and we both love to cook. I don’t have any desire really to become a personal chef.”

Collins describes her style as modern, traditional.

“I really love eclectic dishes and flavors,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “I’m half Iranian so I want to bring my personal middle eastern style and modernize it.”

Half black, half Iranian like Yara Shahidi, Asiah also told BOSSIP she finds the young actress to be a great inspiration.

“I love Yara and everything she stands for,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “She’s such a great advocate and so young. It’s ok to be inspired by someone younger than you, isn’t it? I’ve been watching “Grownish”. I’ve really taken a liking to her show. I like reality tv, but I’m also a die-hard “Walking Dead” fan. The new series Chi, Shameless, you name it. I just love film and television so I watch everything.”

Last week The Jasmine Brand reported that “The Platinum Life” has been canceled, but a rep for Asiah decined to comment adding that they do not have any confirmation from production.

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Courtesy Asiah Collins

Courtesy Asiah Collins

Courtesy Asiah Collins

Courtesy Asiah Collins

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