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Asiah Collins Spoke With BOSSIP About Filming “The Platinum Life” And Graduating From Culinary School

Kid Ink’s wife Asiah Collins was definitely a fan favorite on the E! Entertainment series “The Platinum Life,” BOSSIP talked to the LA native about her marriage to Kid Ink, her culinary accomplishments (she just completed her studies and plans to open her own restaurant) and got some insight about her relationships on the show.

Asiah, who shares a two-year-old daughter Aislin with husband of one-year Kid Ink, says the pair have known each other since high school but their relationship started out platonic.

“Everyone thinks that we’ve been together since high school but we’ve known each other since high school, we were just friends,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “We would kind of lose contact then always find our way back to each other. We started dating around my 20th birthday and I’ll be 30 this year. So, it’ll be 10 years that we’ve been together and we’ve been married for one. But yea we’ve known each other for a long time, we grew up together. I remember being in high school and being young and trying to hang out with him, and he was older than me.”

A lot has changed since high school, namely Ink’s success as a multi-platinum artist and songwriter. His work often keeps him on the road but Asiah is devoted to making their marriage work.

“Up until I had our daughter I was with him on every tour, every event, show, and studio session,”Asiah told BOSSIP. “That was just how we rolled, and how we balanced having a relationship in this lifestyle and it worked for a long time. Now with Aislin, we’re there on the road but we’re not always there. You can’t always have a toddler on the road so we’re balancing that now – family life, and being in school, working on opening up my restaurant, and being there when he needs us.”

BOSSIP asked Asiah how she’d advise other couples in the same situation.

“You just have to make time,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “If you want to be with someone and have a relationship that requires you to spend a lot of time apart you just have to make time for each other, put forth the effort, and make it a priority.”

Asiah also credits her husband for being supportive when she moved forward with the opportunity to do reality TV.

“He’s kind of an introvert, he doesn’t really hang around a lot of industry guys because he’s always been an introvert,” Asiah told BOSSIP. “He’s constantly working, and me doing the show, of course, we both were a little hesitant at first. But we met with production and I felt really good about it, he felt really good about it and supported it. Other than the times where I thought I was going to lose my mind, but in those times he’s really spiritual and always gives me the right words to hear at that time. ”

Speaking of the show, Asiah says she does have some regrets about the network not airing more of the positive moments the group spent filming.

“Just a lot of fun times we had together as a group, and there were times we were there for each other. Just bonding and sharing stories of similar situations we’ve gone through in the industry with our men. I think it would’ve been good for the viewers to see that inside look at what we deal with in the industry.”

Viewers may be surprised to learn that some of the women Asiah seemed closest to on the show started off as complete strangers. Hit the flip for the details.



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