Keyshia Ka’Oir Talks Her $30 Million Waist Whittling Business & Says She’ll Never Support THIS Brand

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What trophy wife???

Keyshia Ka’Oir Talks Entrepreneurship With “The Cut”

Keyshia Ka’Oir is speaking candidly on her life as Mrs. Radric Davis. The entrepreneur sat down with The Cut magazine and dished on all the intricacies of being a businesswoman and the wife of Gucci Mane. According to Keyshia’s she’s FAR from a trophy wife and she’d “die” without her multiple businesses; Ka’Oir cosmetics, Ka’Oir waist erasers and Ka’Oir hair.

“I’m not a trophy wife, and I don’t ever want to be classified as that,” said Keyshia. “I almost feel worthless if I don’t have a new product coming out or something new to do. So no, the answer is no. Gucci’s wife? Laying home? Never. I would die. I want to see other women be as independent and make as much money as their husbands these days. It’s easy.”

Not only that, she estimates that her multiple businesses have netted her $30 MILLION dollars. The Cut notes that they tried to reach out to a financial adviser to confirm that number and were unsuccessful, but Keyshia told them herself that she has zero overhead expenses and no debt. Her house, car, and purses have been paid for in cash.

“My companies are super successful and I shared some ways with you of how to keep it that way, because I don’t have any overhead expenses. I don’t have any debt,” she explains. “I bought my house in cash so I don’t have a mortgage. I bought my car with cash. I buy my Birkin bags with cash. I don’t have credit cards. I don’t have partners. I like to write one check for ten million dollars and done. It helps that I have a super-rich husband, but I’m making all this money and I invest in myself. It’s so easy for me to make 30 million dollars because I’ve seen a lot of celebrities go wrong.”

Must be very, very nice Mrs. Davis.

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Keyshia Ka’oir Davis (@keyshiakaoir) has a lot of tips for running a business. As a CEO of three companies, she could probably write a book — but for now she just lobs little pearls of wisdom into casual conversion for free. — “I’m suuuuuper detailed,” she says. “It gets overwhelming when you’re running so many successful businesses and you have a successful husband” — that would be Gucci Mane (@laflare1017), whom she married in 2017 — “and we have such busy schedules. If I don’t have this,” she says, waving her phone, today’s list on display, “I lose my mind.” Read the Cut’s full profile with her by tapping the link in bio. — Photo by @RyanPfluger Styled by @lpeopleswagner Written by @BabyMeatBalls Produced by @BielParklee Hair by @Harold_XXV Makeup by @Marianartistry

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Keyshia also added that while other stars are flocking to Fashion Nova, she’ll never wear their clothes although they’ve repeatedly asked her to do it.

Why? Because the 17.5 inch waist having beauty would rather promote her own brand.

” She says that Fashion Nova has repeatedly offered her money to wear their clothes on Instagram. “I don’t wear no Fashion Nova. Go ahead and put that in your notes,” she tells me, with just the slightest hint of Jamaican patois creeping into her speech, as it’s prone to do when she’s talking money, food, and Gucci (her husband, not the brand) — presumably, three of the things that fill her with the greatest emotion.”

We hear you Keyshia. Somebody has to wear your trapcellent superhero couture.

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Caption 🤦‍♀️

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It’s good to hear tha Keyshia’s debt free and continuing to support herself without Guwop’s help.

More Keyshia for The Cut on the flip.

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