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Quinn Norton Didn’t Even Last A Day At NY TImes, But Why Was She Hired In The First Place?

Did she even make it to her desk?

It looks like the HR department at the New York Times didn’t use their googles before bringing on a new writer. When it was announced from the Times’ PR page that Quinn Norton was joining the staff, almost immediately, those familiar with her quirks were confused as to why they would hire someone who tweeted openly about being friends with Nazis, used the word n-gg-r and several times f-gg-t.

Wired describes the situation as “complicated”, saying Quinn’s N-word retweet was “ill-conceived” and also that her being friends with a Nazi happened before he went to jail and became a Nazi. Umm welp, should’ve deleted you offensive tweets ma’am…And what about the use of the F word?? What gives???

These are the tweets folks defending Norton are calling “edgy”.

Just several hours after she was hired, The Times announced they were cutting ties with the race and sexual identity agitator. But, what already annoyed folks is what we probably expected, many other writers were defending Quinn’s language and tweeting style as edgy and people of color were pissed.

Hit the flip to see the left, right, up and down reactions.



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