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Snow Tickets In South Chicago Hoods Are Staggering In Comparison To Wealthier Areas

Data says the Chicago Police are issuing disproportionate amounts of snow tickets in the Black neighborhood of Englewood where a fist full of complaints to 311 are usual made about snowy sidewalks. In Northern, wealthier neighborhoods in city, where hundreds more complaints are being made, they are seeing fewer tickets. How is that even so??

According to WBEZ Chicago PD is abusing something called the “2 inch rule” in neighborhoods like Englewood. This rule says that if it snows over 2 inches, you can’t stay parked on a main street.

But, according to a Chicago Police Department directive, cops aren’t supposed to issue “2-inch rule” tickets unless city officials declare weather severe enough for “phase two” of the official snow plan to kick in. These cops are just giving tickets without official word of SEVERE weather and poor folks are eating it. Other findings show that these poorer ‘hoods get more tikets for failure to shovel sidewalks.

The CPD have yet to comment of the unequivocal amounts of snow tickets being issued around the city.




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