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Bobby Brown Doesn’t Believe Whitney Had Drugs In Her System When She Died

Bobby Brown isn’t so sure about reports on the cause of Whitney Houston’s death.

As the 49-year-old singer told Rolling Stone this month, despite reports that Whitney had everything from cocaine to Xanax in her system…the singer believes emotional distress played a much bigger role in sending her to the afterlife than any drug ever could. In fact…he doubts there were drugs in her bloodstream at all:

This month marks the sixth anniversary of Whitney’s death. What do you think was the most misunderstood thing about her?
Um … whoa [long pause] – I don’t think she died from drugs.

You don’t?
No, not at all.

What do you think it was?
She was really working hard on herself to try to be a sober person and, um [pauses] she was a great woman.

When you say you don’t think she died of drugs, do you mean you don’t think there were drugs in her system at the time?

[Alicia Etheredge-Brown, wife and manager, interjecting]: There were drugs in her system.
Well, I don’t think so.

[Etheredge-Brown]: You feel that other things played a part …
That played a part. Yes.

What do you attribute her death to if it wasn’t drugs?
Just being broken-hearted.

Interesting. Bobby didn’t elaborate exactly why he felt her heart would be broken, or who would have such a vested interest in going to great lengths to make the world believe she overdosed…but he seems pretty resolute that there’s more to the story.

And when it comes to the death of his daughter with Whitney, Bobbi Kristina, he feels that justice will only be served when Nick Gordon…well, we’ll just let you read it:

What does justice look like to you?
Justice? If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him. That’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.

Well, as a father, you truly can’t blame him for feeling that way. What do you think of Bobby’s thoughts on the deaths of his loved ones?




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