Here’s Why Folks Are Annoyed A White Man Frankensteined Melaniny CGI Model ‘Shudu’…

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White CGI Artist Gets Backlash Over Black Insta-Famous Creation Shudu

Shudu, a stunning insta-model with over 40,000 followers, is befuddling folks who have just found out she isn’t real. Those fans are actually double baffled that she was created by a British photographer. It wasn’t until recently Cameron-James Wilson, Shudu’s creator, started to use the hashtag #3Dart to let it be known Shudu was a digital creation.

If you look at her IG photos, Shudu even models clothing…which is weird…but we’re digressing…


Fenty Beauty posted her photo wearing a shade of their lipstick and folks in the comments questioned her authenticity, but why is that such an issue? Black women are voicing concerns over the fact that a White man has seemingly found another ‘loophole’ to not hire Black women.

Cameron-James has been seeing all of the backlash and tells Metro that Shudu isn’t for hire, she is simply a muse.

‘Shudu isn’t for hire, she’s a muse for my creative output. ‘I continue to post to Shudu.gram because people really enjoy the art, they enjoy the imagery. ‘I’m not trying to replace models and if anything it’s a criticism in how fake society has become that a CGI Model can pass for real.

‘We’re living in a very filtered world, that strangely for me Shudu is an escape from. ‘The criticism that I’ve faced only comes from misunderstanding.

She might not be fore hire, but she’s bringing tons of attention to her creator. Folks aren’t’ just taking issue with a White man allegedly profiting off of a faux-Black model, but the way he views Black women in general. He said dark skin was a “movement” in the modeling industry right now, one he wanted to be a part of.


This controversy over Shudu has brought up a lot of interesting arguments on both sides. Where do your opinions fall on this issue? Hit the flip for more valid points.

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