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Vince Staples Wants His Haters To Put Money Where Their Mouth Is

For those who aren’t familiar, let’s get this one this out of the way: Vince Staples is just as much a comedian as he is a rapper.

Recently, at some of the stops on the Long Beach native’s live shows with pal Tyler, The Creator, attendees have been tweeting out disdain for Staples’ portion of the concert–whether it be the lighting, the length of his set, or the types of beats he chooses to rap over. It’s the internet, so people always feel like they’re the undisputed professional on everything, but this constant badgering from concert goers got a great idea cooking for Vince.

Fed up with people constantly telling him what to do, Vince Staples launched a GoFundMe hilariously titled, #GTFOMD. The rapper is urging fans and critics to donate $2 Million, in which he will retire and not make music anymore. Alternatively? People can just shut the f*** up about his music if they’re not gonna pay his bills. Plain and simple.

The description of the GoFundMe reads as follows:

For 2M I agree to do the following:
– Move to Palmdale
– Buy a Honda
– Year supply of soups for the homies locked down
– Buy a puppy

Honestly, not letting paying attention to anybody’s opinions on our lives unless they pay our bills is the wave for 2018, y’all.

As for Vince, less than $2,000 of his $2M goal has been donated, because most people agree we don’t want him to stop making music…people just like to talk their isht online. Most comments on the campaign are fans telling Staples they aren’t donating because they love what he’s doing.

Whatever the case, this is a hilarious marketing campaign and Vince is truly sticking to his conviction of haters needing to pay up or get out.



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