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Azelia Banks Accuses RZA Of Trying To Gift Her To Russell Crowe

Was Azealia Banks actually at that party at Russell Crowe’s house to serve as a sexual gift to the star?

If you’ll recall, two years ago, Azealia was very verbal about an incident in which RZA from Wu Tang took her with him to a Hollywood bash at Russell Crowe’s house that ended in catastrophe when Azealia pulled an Azealia, got loud and belligerent, threatened party guests, and got booted.

Azealia was always firm that Russell Crowe had spit at her during the altercation, and RZA did nothing to defend her. RZA admitted that Russell did indeed spit in her direction but always asserted that she was the aggressor in the situation and was rightfully physically removed.

Now, Azealia is claiming that the whole reason she was brought there by RZA in the first place was to perform sexual favors for Crowe.

CliffsNotes…essentially she says this is the song that should have punctuated the movie she and RZA were working on, Netflix’s “Love, Beats, Rhymes.” Instead, RZA was focused on making her a party favor for the A-lister.

Too bad RZA didn’t listen to me. Instead of bringing to LA to sleep with Russell crowe he should have been putting me on studio to finish this soundtrack. This is legit the song I thought I was coming to LA to finish the night I ended up at Crowe’s crib.

Man. This girl never fails to end up in some highly dramatized, supremely traumatic situations. Either Azealia has the worst luck ever…or something isn’t quite right mentally. Do you believe this is why RZA brought her to the bash?




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