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Back in July, Steve McNair was killed by one of his jump-offs, Sahel Kazemi. McNair’s wife, Mechelle is still dealing with his dirty laundry. A rental property in Tennessee filed papers against McNair’s estate, stating that back rent is owed on a condo that Steve cosigned for his cousin, BUT… it was actually for another skeez.

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A property management company has filed a claim against former Titan Steve McNair’s estate for back rent on a West End apartment he began leasing in October.

McNair was the co-signer for a condo on Parthenon Avenue near Centennial Park, with his cousin, Raymond White, as the primary renter. But once the 12-month lease was finalized, the electricity was turned on in the name of a young woman, according to public records from Nashville Electric Service.

Mail and utility bills for the condo had been going to 26-year-old Adrianne Hobbs. Gianikas Property Management has asked McNair’s estate for $1,750 in rent, late fees and pet damages for the condo, which was vacated last month.

Rent was late in June and was never paid in July, according to court filings.

A former employee at the property management company says McNair had been coming to the office each month and paying the $1,000-a-month rent personally for the Parthenon Avenue residence.

The electricity in Hobbs’ name was disconnected Aug. 7, according to records from the Nashville Electric Service. It is unclear how she knew McNair.

“As far as we knew, McNair gave (White) the keys, and we thought (White) moved in,” said Stephanie Burch-McMahan, who managed the apartments until earlier this year. “It wasn’t until a couple months later, we discovered there’s no male person living in the apartment.”

Phone numbers for White have been disconnected, and he could not be reached for comment. A call to his attorney was not returned Tuesday.

‘We let it go’

Someone saw a woman walking a puppy in the pet-free condo, and the manager said she sent a letter to White. There appeared to be only women’s items in the apartment, Burch-McMahan said, and other residents of the apartment complex told management they’d seen only McNair and a blonde woman coming and going.

“If there had not been for (McNair’s) celebrity status, we would have called and said, ‘Who is this person living here?’ ” she said. “We knew if we confronted him about it, it would create a lot of awkwardness, so we let it go.”

Hobbs could not be reached Tuesday. A reporter spoke with her in July at the West End condo, but she said she didn’t know McNair and she had no comment.

Her friend Valerie Skelton identified herself as White’s girlfriend and said she herself lived in the condo. She said she had moved in a few months before McNair’s death. Skelton also did not return a phone call or e-mail Tuesday.

Gary Rubenstein, the attorney representing Gianikas Property Management, said mail had been coming in Hobbs’ name, and Skelton applied to be added to the lease nine days after McNair’s death. Rubenstein wasn’t sure who was living there.

Because White was the primary lessee, the company intends to pursue payment from him. But they still filed a claim against McNair’s estate because there is only a limited amount of time to do so, Rubenstein said.

He said he has been in touch with White’s attorney and any payment they get from White will be deducted from their claim against McNair.

Rose Palermo, who represents Mechelle McNair in the probate case, said she has no information about the claim and can’t comment. Steve McNair did not leave a will.

This is just some straight hot mess. Six feet under and Steve is still causing unnecessary commotion instead of being remembered for his football achievements. Whatever happens, we can say Mechelle McNair is handling all of this like a soldier.




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