Two Pakistani families are arrested for agreeing to a revenge rape

TF Type “Justice” Is This?! Rape Victim’s Family Agrees To “Revenge Rape” Of Rapist’s Sister

- By Bossip Staff

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Two Pakistani Families Arrested For Agreeing To Revenge Rape

Never in a million years did we ever think we would type “rape” so many times in one headline.

This story is pretty damn disturbing. America is f***ed up in a million different ways, but we don’t get down like THIS.

According to Dawn, a family in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan agreed to a very unconventional and inhumane form of “justice” after a woman only identified as “N” was violently raped.

On March 20, “W” committed a sexual assault against “N”. His family was desperate to get him pardoned and wanted to reconcile with “N’s” family. A provision of said reconciliation was that the rapist’s family would allow the brother of the victim to rape the sister of the assaulter.

You read it right. The victim’s brother consensually raped (we realize the disgusting irony of that) the sister of the offender the very next day.

All 12 members of both families were arrested for the off-the-books rape pact.



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