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Tyga Denies Being The Father Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Ever since Kylie Jenner started hiding her Stormi bump last year, rumors swirled that her ex-boyfriend Tyga was the child’s REAL father, while new bae Travis Scott was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tyga never did much to dispell the Maury-drama of it all, and even fanned the gossip flames himself on more than one occasion. After all…Kylie started dating Travis about a week after breaking up with Tyga, and popped up pregnant just a month or so after that…

Well, after months of chatter, Tyga is ready to shut all the speculation down. The rapper took to Twitter to once and for all deny parentage of Kylie’s daughter, and scold those who would dare say different:

Funny…we seem to distinctly recall Tyga saying something to the effect of “Hell nah, that’s my kid” on SnapChat the day news broke of Kylie’s pregnancy. Not to mention that little compare and contrast baby pic stunt he pulled last week…

But, if this is the wave he’s claiming now, so be it.

Besides, if Stormi were indeed his daughter…would he really want to brag about another, more popular rapper taking his place as father to his child? Or flaunt the fact that his kids are sibling-cousins?? We doubt it.



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