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Darnell Nicole and Ashley Nicole of E!’s “WAGS Miami” Launch Their Own YouTube Show

Ever since the premiere of E!’s “WAGS Miami” we have been big fans of the show, particularly cast member best friends Darnell Nicole and Ashley Nicole who kept us constantly laughing through both seasons. So when we heard rumors that E! has plans to axe the show we were more than a little upset. Fortunately Darnell and Ashley announced plans to launch a new YouTube show this week, so BOSSIP reached out to the pair to chat about the new show, rumored reality cancellation and the abundance of WAGS babies the Miami cast are currently expecting!

For their part, Darnell and Ashley say they haven’t heard much more than the rest of the world as far as the fate of their E! show.

“We’ve just been told that they got a new president at the network and he didn’t see the appeal in our show and that’s really all we’ve been told, but we have insiders in there that said, “Yes, they’re definitely canceling it, they’re not bringing you back,” Darnell told BOSSIP exclusively. “If that’s the case, reach out to us. Call us. We have bills. We have things we need to do. We have to continue to work, so if you’re not going to use us, release us and let us go on about our life.”

Ashley told BOSSIP that based on their contracts, the ladies were supposed to be notified within three months of their last episode, but it’s been nearly six months without any concrete word one way or the other. In the meantime, there are some rumors that the network’s new president isn’t interested in programming that doesn’t involve Kardashians.

“I think they just have a look they are going for,” Ashley told BOSSIP exclusively. “It’s the Kardashian look, so if it’s anything other than that, they not having it.”

“I think two of the girls on the ‘WAGS LA’ Show got a spinoff,” Darnell added. “Nat & Liv.”

“And they’re all buddy buddy with the Kardashians now,” Ashley noted. “They go along with that look.”

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“On the other hand you have us, two black girls from the country,” Darnell said, but we’re both educated, we’re silly, we’re funny, and we’re attractive women. We’re beautiful black women, but somewhere along the way they decided we weren’t a fit.

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That said, the ladies say they don’t have any personal beef with the Calabasas clan. In fact, Darnell was part of the 2017 campaign for Khloe Kardashian’s campaign.

“Hopefully I’ll be back for the 2018 one,” Darnell added.

With Darnell’s modeling career thriving and Ashley currently expecting her second son this June, with newlywed husband Phillip Wheeler, it seems like an odd time for the network to lose interest. There are also two other WAGS Miami cast members who are currently expecting!

“Hencha is pregnant too, she’s due in August,” Ashley told BOSSIP. “And Kayla is aso pregnant. Kayla and her husband got a divorce, so she’s pregnant by her new boo thang. She’s due in June too.”

There has been a lot of speculation about who fathered Hencha’s baby since she hasn’t disclosed much on social media. Darnell and Ashley declined to go into detail, but BOSSIP can now confirm that the mystery man is an athlete who has been friends with Hencha for a long time.

Ashley also revealed that Hencha was among the 20 or so guests who attended the “Fresh Prince” themed shower Darnell threw for her last weekend at Plug In Karaoke in Hallandale Beach.

“It was really fun, I knew whatever D came up with was gonna be crazy and hilarious because that’s just our personalities,” Ashley told BOSSIP. ” It could have just been me and her in there and we would have really had a ball. As soon as the music started, it as OVER.”

“We wanted to do an all-girl thing with no boys and no kids and I even put that on the invite,” Darnell told BOSSIP. “I tell you we got in some SERIOUS cardio. It was a workout. We sang and danced for hours.”

“I’ve never had that much fun being sober,” Ashley said. “I had a blast. It was just perfect to do something fun. I don’t even think my guests really thought they were gonna have that much fun.

“We gotta do that again when you can drink!” Darnell added.

In addition to making plans for Ashley’s new edition, the dynamic duo are excited to launch their new show “Life and Laughs with Dee and Ash” beginning this Thursday. It’s an idea the pair say has been brewing for quite awhile, even before the WAGS cancellation rumors came about.

“We’ve always thought about having something of our own after the show anyway,” Ashley told BOSSIP. “So once we heard about the show possibly being canceled we were like ‘Okay this is our time! We really need to get serious and just do it ourselves.'”

Fans of “WAGS Miami” were taken by the natural chemistry and camaraderie shared by the two HBCU grads (Ashley has a B.S. in Animal Sciences from Tuskeegee, Darnell is a Clark Atlanta grad with a BA in English Lit).

“The funniest things would happen when it’s just me and her being random,” Darnell told BOSSIP. “We really need a camera just following us around because that’s when we are being the funniest, when we are being random. That’s exactly who we are and how we are all the time. I think it’s really good stuff.”

With three webisodes already in the can, the ladies are aiming to create at least 8-10 episodes of the show. New content will drop every Thursday so they’re warning fans in advance to subscribe to their channel.

“What makes our duo different is that while people always point out our similarities, we have so many opposite things going on in our lives right now,” Ashley told BOSSIP. “I’m newly married, she’s newly single. I’m having a baby, she’s not. She’s going out traveling… It’s interesting to see the different things we’re going through in life, but us being there for each other regardless and I think that’s what interests people.”

The programming should be particularly refreshing since so many black reality stars are celebrated for behaving badly on camera in the past.

“The black people stuff, they want it to be ratchet and fighting,” Darnell said of many of the stereotypes we see on reality TV. “We were kinda going for like, “The Simple Life,” the Paris and Nicole vibe. That’s the feel of it, we’re gonna be traveling as soon as she drops this baby out.”

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Speaking of babies, fans should also expect to see Darnell’s daughter Cree and Ashley’s son Deuce make appearances.

“They’re gonna be around there somewhere,” Darnell told BOSSIP. “They’re three months apart, they’re best friends.”

“That’s my baby’s girlfriend,” Ashley adds.”

“That’s what he said,” Darnell recalled. “I was like ‘So you’re not going to ask me or Cree’s dad for permission? And he was like ‘No.’ I said, ‘What does being Cree’s boyfriend mean to you?’ And he said ‘It means I’m gonna be nice to her.’ I was like ‘Okay who taught you that?’ And he said ‘My mama.’ I said ‘Okay Ashley, I see you locking my baby down.’

So cute right? What do you think about Ashley and Darnell’s show? Hit the flip for a quick clip and some photos of the ladies.

Courtesy Darnell Nicole

Courtesy Darnell Nicole

Courtesy Darnell Nicole

Courtesy Darnell Nicole

Courtesy Darnell Nicole

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