Scandal Finale Recap

#ScandalFinale Olivia Pope Reclaimed Her White Hat—But Did THIS Character Became President?!

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Scandal Finale Recap

It’s all over.

Shonda Rhimes hit “Scandal” has ended after seven seasons of “fixing” and white hat wearing work from Olivia Pope and her gladiators.

Last night the final episode titled “Over A Cliff” aired, and fans were salivating while waiting to see the fate of Olivia, Huck, Quinn, Abby, Charley, Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, and Jake.


After reclaiming her white hat and “walking in the light” by confessing about B613 to the Senate Committee, Olivia seemingly got her Vermont moment with Fitz.

Other characters, however, were not so lucky; David Rosen whose been the most innocent of all of Olivia’s cohorts, was killed by Cyrus Bean who poisoned him at his home.

Cyrus finally resigned as Vice President because of his “demons”…

and Jake was ultimately arrested.

Why? Because Papa Pope gave the Senate Committee an earth-shattering monologue about being a black man in Command of B613 and therefore being a black man in charge of the country.

“I am responsible for the fact that this nation still stands,” says Rowan Pope. “I wake up every morning and I make America great.”

The speech was so powerful that there are calls for Joe Morton to get an Emmy.

In possibly the most shocking twist, it looks like Olivia winds up President. During the final scene, viewers see two girls in the National Portrait Gallery looking up at Olivia’s official portrait.

The scene has people convinced that Olivia finally got her wish to be in the Oval Office.

She also could’ve just gotten a portrait for just being the “fixer” D.C. needed most—but the Presidential possibility is more exciting, right?

Did YOU watch the Scandal finale??? More reactions on the flip.

David Livingston/Getty Images

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