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Courtesy of Traci Steele

“30 Day Man Cleanse” Author Says Cheating “Manipulator” Made Her Rethink Her Relationship With Men Altogether

DJ and reality star Traci Steele said her new book about taking a sabbatical from men was borne out of a bad relationship with a serial cheat and manipulator – who may or may not be Stevie J.

Steele appeared on season two of the reality show, and although she didn’t mention Stevie by name, she said she was left horrified when she learned the man she loved allegedly knocked up a 19-year-old behind her back.

“From my experience with the guy I talked about in the book, he’s a manipulator,” she told us. “He will make you feel like everything you want in life, he wants the same thing. He is a master con artist and narcissist. He is a sociopath, and the lack of empathy he has for the women that he is hurting is unnatural.”

The mom of one said she was receiving signs from God that the man wasn’t right for her, but instead of listening, she listened to the man, who talked her into staying.

‘The 30 Day Man Cleanse’ came from the fact that I was just dating the wrong type of people,” Steele told BOSSIP. “I had to take a moment, take a break from men, period. I can’t put it all on the men, I was the common denominator, and I had to rebuild my relationship with God.”

Courtesy of Traci Steele

Steele said she decided to take a break from the guys, and instead adopted a regime of prayer and studying bible passages. She documented her “cleanse” on social media, and when her followers began asking her for advice, she got the idea to turn her journey into a book.

Steele said she was disgusted by her ex’s alleged behavior, especially since the woman he allegedly impregnated is around the same age as his own daughter.

“If he did allegedly get this young lady pregnant, that’s very unfortunate, because she’s so young,” Steele said. “She hasn’t lived her life yet. She has so much life to live and now she’s stuck with him, and she’s so young, it’s almost like he preyed on her.”

The book contains a month’s worth of scripture, analysis and a prayer designed to help women heal, gain a better understanding of what a fulfilling relationship is and how to be still and hear God, Steele said.

Steele said she is not currently dating and is still healing from her bad relationship. But she wants women to know that they don’t need a man to be whole, and sometimes they need to take some time away from the opposite sex.

“This is not a tell-all book,” she said. “I just want to inspire women not the make the same mistakes that I did.”



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