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Why Are Fans Speculating Trouble Between Big Sean And Jhene Aiko?

Even though Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have been seemingly over-the-moon about one another since they started dating a little over a year ago, rumors continue to fly that the couple is calling it quits. It was only about a month ago that serious allegations of Sean cheating on the Slauson native with Nicole Scherzinger came to light, but the couple shut those down with the quickness. Now, more petty rumors are swirling of a break up–but why are fans speculating this time?

Jhene Aiko posted some photos and captions to her Instagram story that have everyone wondering if she’s referring to her relationship. The first photo the singer posted on Wednesday is of Aiko laying on her side, getting tattooed with the caption “‘realizing ALL things are temporary, i rejoice in this moment’ – aiko.”

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Since Jhene’s got her boo’s face tattooed all up on her, people are quick to think that this “temporary” situation she’s referring to is Big Sean. In the photo, however, it’s obvious that the tat being touched up by The Witchdoctor is either the lotus flower she has on her side or one of her numerous back tattoos, not Big Sean’s head that resides on the back of her arm.

Of course, Aiko could have had her Sean tattoo somehow covered up in addition to some work on her side, but the songstress has dozens of tattoos beside her man that could be the temporary she’s talking about.

There are a couple of other things that have fans thinking it’s a breakup between Sean and Jhene, though, so let’s move onto those…

Flip to the last page to see what Jhene has to say about the situation.

The next thing Aiko posted on her Instagram story immediately following her tattoo flick was a black screen with some text. She doubled down on her temporary talk writing, “cheers to old beginnings and new endings.” With cryptic messages like this, people will always assume that is has something to do with a relationship.

It seems like Jhene knew exactly what fans would speculate with this message, too, because the next addition to her IG story was even more playful. She wrote, “it’s never too late to edit” followed by a winky face.

It’s pretty obvious that this whole story has to do with the singer getting some sort of tattoo covered up, but it’s probably not the one of Sean. Aiko has so many other tattoos on her body, there’s sure to be ones with meanings that don’t exactly resonate with her anymore.

Check out the screenshots of her IG story via Shaderoom here:


The last reason fans are speculating a break-up?

The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram…but is that really true?


The truth is that the couple definitely doesn’t follow one another on their IG pages, but this might not have been a malicious decision. There were also stories EVERYWHERE that the couple unfollowed one another following the Pussycat Dolls cheating allegations, and it looks like the couple were never following one another after that to begin with.

Jhene commented on just that on the Shaderoom’s post about her cryptic messages, and points out that the tattoo artist is working on her back, and that you don’t always have to follow your significant other on social media.

The singer wrote “sometimes you don’t want to follow ur boyfriend/girlfriend on social media…if it werent for u crazy blogs and ur speculation I would follow and unfollow him twice a day, everyday…it’s not that serious….I see him enough in real life and on my arm.”

She also commented clarifying that she’s “covering my moon phases and the rising sun on my back.”

So there you have it. There’s no trouble in the air for Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, and her bae’s face tattoo is still going strong.

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