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Meghan Markle’s Sister Likely Faked Crash Story

Remember when we told you how Meghan Markle’s hater half-sister was hospitalized after being run off the road by thirsty paparazzi? She claimed to have swerved and hit a concrete barrier while trying to escape gossip-rag shutterbugs, a la Princess Diana.

Well, there now appear to be a few holes in her story — at least as far as the Florida Highway Patrol is involved. According to Daily Mail, there seems to be virtually no evidence that an accident of the sort ever actually occurred.

Samantha Markle (formerly Grant, but reverted to her birth name only…recently) and her boyfriend Mark Phillips, who was reportedly driving at the time, claim they swerved at a toll booth and hit a concrete embankment when a paparazzi car swerved in front of them in an attempt to get pictures. Samantha claimed to have suffered a broken ankle and fractured knee after slamming into the windshield and crashing to the floor mat.

But things seem fishy, at best.

For one, the state patrol has no record of any of their barriers or bridge walls being struck by a vehicle, and if it is true as they say and Mark failed to report it to police, he could be charged with a hit and run.

Secondly, there are no toll booths in Samantha’s hometown of Ocala, where she and Mark were allegedly driving. However, even if they happened to be at a toll booth in a surrounding area…none have reports of any recent accident incidents.

Lastly, the minivan in which they allegedly got into this supposed accident is virtually scratch and dent-free, outside of normal wear and tear…which doesn’t fall in line with driving headfirst into a concrete wall.

Mind you, Samantha is the same sister that barely knows Meghan to begin with who has been running to the media with all sorts of sideways isht to say about the Princess-to-be since the engagement. So…we’re taking this accident story as yet another desperate cry for attention.




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