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Kids these days never seem to fail to disappoint. Take for example this young man, who got caught red-handed vandalizing cars then tried to push back when an adult came to reprimand him. This lil chump is something else! That scream? Wow. Where are his parents, for real?

If you caught your son doing something like this, what would the consequences be? Do you think this is just the result of kids no long fearing adult repercussions? Or is this just a bad apple? On the flip side, if you saw this man being so aggressive toward YOUR child would that be a problem? What do you think would be the best plan of action to discipline this kid? Also do you think that this would still have gone viral if it was a black kid versus a white one? Let’s be real — if it HAD been a black kid the video very likely would have been going viral because the cops had been called and the kid had been shot and killed.

The other question is, what would you do if it was your car that he vandalized? Would you call police or take matters into your own hands? They say it takes a village but who these days is okay with a total stranger putting hands on their kid? Last time we checked, NOBODY.

Anybody have more information about this particular case? It would be interesting to know more about what happened BEFORE and AFTER the video. How do you think this situation panned out for this kid in the end? Lawsuit? Court case? Police record? How many folks feel like he probably got off light considering white privilege?

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