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Jesse Williams Ordered To Pay $50K Monthly Child Support

Here’s hoping Jesse Williams’ co-parenting situation with Aryn Drake-Lee starts to go more smoothly.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Williams will have to hand over $270,000 in legal fees to his ex, Aryn Drake-Lee as well as $50,629 in monthly child support from July 1, according to a filing obtained by

The couple have two children, three-year-old Maceo and four-year-old Sadie. The child support decision was based on the actor’s hefty $521,000 monthly salary, an amount deemed “extraordinarily high” in court documents.

The $50,629 amount is a number the judge previously signed off on in January, however, Drake-Lee filed additional documents petitioning the court for $73,369 instead.

You know there’s bad blood too because Williams didn’t even want to pay the support directly to Drake-Lee, instead arguing in court documents that he could support the kids by making payments to third parties:

Williams had tried to argue in court documents that he should not have to pay any child support directly to Drake-Lee.

“The reasonable needs of the children can be met by (Williams) directly paying school tuition, uninsured medical and certain other expenses totaling $7,465 a month,” Williams said in court documents.

BRUH… Is he serious? Half a mil a month and you don’t want to give the mother of your kids more than a measly $7K. Y’all think that’s fair?

The decision handed down Tuesday stated that the point of child support was to maintain the children’s needs given their right to ‘share in a lifestyle and condition consistent with their parents’ current station in life’ adding that the kids reasonable needs wouldn’t be met without paying Drake-Lee directly since she maintains the majority of custodial time with them.

It’s worth noting that Jesse’s already given $110K toward his exes legal fees but the additional amount was ordered for fees associated with attorney costs and forensic accounting.

If you made $500K a month would you flinch about giving your kids’ ten percent of that?


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