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Texas Man Federally Charged With Hate Crime For Harassing Black Family

A gelatinous glob of melanin-hating lard from the Lone Star State has been charged with one count of criminal Interference with right to fair housing for harassing a Black family with racist tactics and property damage.

According to Fox7Austin, 64-year-old Glenn Halfin spent two months of his life terrorizing his African-American neighbors by hanging baby dolls tied to nooses in the apartment breezeway and underneath their car.

“We do believe this family was targeted because of their race and hateful harassment over the course of months,” said Grapevine Police Officer Amanda McNew.

A little Scooby-Doo-esque police work had Halfin caught red-handed

Following the Dec. 19 incident, Grapevine Police Detective Joseph Moeller searched for the doll in stores around the area, finding the exact type in a nearby Walmart. After sifting through surveillance footage, he was able to identify Halfin as the man making the purchase.

Federal hate crimes are no joke. Judge likely to throw a library at this guy.


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