Yikes! Joe Budden Suspects Nicki Minaj Is Using Drugs And THESE Latest Stunts Are His Evidence…

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Do You Believe Him? Former Drug User Joe Budden Says Nicki Minaj’s Behavior Seems Familiar And Someone Should Intervene

Joe Budden says Nicki’s latest online stunts point to drug use on his podcast and he doesn’t sound like he’s being facetious with his opinion either. A concerned Joey said:

‘Let’s all try to guess the drugs that Nicki Minaj is on. Somebody should watch her usage. Nicki Minaj is 100% on something.’

Joe then says that squawking video of Onika opening those Chanel gifts was confirmation, because he recognized her behavior.

I’ve said this on this podcast a bunch, because Meek talked about it. Meek talked about him being hooked on pills while he was with her. I know that battle all too well, I’m not trying to be funny here. I really think that somebody should intervene, it’s getting progressively worse.

But it doesn’t stop there! Joe Budden has more supposed evidence of Nicki supposedly pill popping. Hit the flip for more.

Joe on Nick Minaj being erratic in a fan’s DM:

What she (the fan) said was “you know how dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content?” Let get into Nicki’s response via DM.

Here is the DM Joe is referring to.

Joe proceeds to read Nicki’s DM out loud using her voice. And he points out the bizarre point in the DM when Nicki Minaj forgets her age. In the first DM she sent, she says she’s 34 in response to the woman claiming she was “pushing 40”. Then she wait 7 more minutes to correct her age. to 35″

I want to point out to you, and this is one of my favorite parts of this, that that first sh-t I just read was sent at 10:09pm. Then she went and made something to drink…she definitely popped a pill after that…She definitely popped a pill after that.

Here’s a clip from that part.

Hit the flip…

Joe further his point.

I don’t see anything wrong with what [the young lady] said. Nicki be in The Shade Room comments clapping at people. To me, that reeks of pill usage. Because pills make you react and respond. I’ve done a bunch of pills. I’m assuming, to be clear I don’t know.

It IS kinda odd that Nicki “forgot” her age and folks have been speculating about that part. Hear exactly what Joe was saying here:

Nicki’s fans are already jumping in with their take on Joey’s comments, hit the flip to see…

Do YOU trust Joe’s expertise on this situation?








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