Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wu “Goes In” on Sheree and Kim Like a True G

- By Bossip Staff

Lisa Wu goes in on He-ree and Kim by calling one crazy and the other self-centered. Flip the Lid for the comedy.

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  • brocka

    Lisa is just as messy!

  • jaysblazing

    I cant stand none of those fake bytches, specially ManNe

  • Jazmine

    Like she said “She speaks her mind but does that make her genuine? I don’t know.” By genuine meaning real…..he!! no NeNe is far from that! Funny thing is last season she had me fooled into believing she was. This season she’s just a bytch and Lisa tagged all of them just like they are. However, I must say I do like Kim but the bytch is a little crazy.

  • vauntv

    Lisa is just a Crazy messy lying Bish..She is ALWAYS talking about Kim i mean damn get kims name out ya mouth lol

  • blackexec

    She Stole Sheree’s Idea…


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  • Crunch Berry

    Kim might be all those things [Lisa referred to her as] but guess what? She still managed to keep custody of ALL her children.

  • MrTavMarie

    lol @ Angel

    I know esteemed business woman *sarcasm* lisa wu ain’t talking sh*t….

  • Anon3

    I like Lisa but just like the rest of them I think she has her ways….but don’t we all….how would you be perceived if you were being filmed several hours a day? it wouldn’t be all good would it?


    lisa is strong and motivated yeah. but she hung onto nene all the time. and nene is trouble. and messy. with a capital M. so that tells you alot about lisa.

  • ATL

    They dont like that chick Kim not because she cant spell but because she makes it rain on all of them each and every day she cant spell real good but she can make that Kaching with K sound!

  • shoewhoresneedluv2

    my people my people… I really don’t understand why we hate each other so much… I cannot believe all of you making excuses for screwed up white chicks but just dogging the ones who look like you… The RHOA aren’t the only ones who are broke… AT least 3 of the white chicks from Orange County have been foreclosed on and no one says anything about them living hood rich… you all dogged Alicia K for the Swiss Beats drama but you defend this woman who’s dating a man who was never separated from his wife… to this day they still live together and just put their mansion on the market for 25 million dollars.. he won’t even be seen with this trick out in public and ya’ll blowing smoke up her ass… ugh… SMH.. they are all trifling… I think the ones in NY are the only ones with real loot and they aregue like alley cats but don’t dare speak ill of the great white hope

  • u know

    I like all of them but Lisa is my favorite. Lisa and Kandi are very down to earth people.

  • ShawnM

    Hmmm, I dont really care for Kim, any woman who has no problems parading a married man around, is so disrespectful to me…

    NeNe, I dont care for either, she’s always talking about this and that, and how classy she is… GTFO, she’s the most ghetto and loudest of them all… I dont think so.

    Sheree… Womp Womp… I dont like her either, she’s too arrogant, and act as though she were born with a silver spoon in her mouth, when we ALL know that wouldn’t be so had she not married an NFL player…

    Lisa seems ok, even though she has her “fake” moments as well… And Kandi is my fav, I haven’t seen any problems with her yet!

  • Superwoman

    First of all, there are no good parts of Compton or good schools in Compton, so do not get it twisted! She is from Inglewood and I lived there for way too long. when I was growing up. I lived in all of the areas of Inglewood(so-called good and bad) and learned about crack in that city and saw crack pipes at the stores, so she is lying. It is all bad.

    Someone hit the head on the nail. They don’t like Kim because she has “real money.” I does not matter that a man gave it to her, or a couple of men. She was the only one from the first season who did not have to “relocate.” She does absolutely nothing all day besides drink wine and shop! Yes she seems unstable, but she is right behind Kandi in my top picks.

    Lisa is as fake as can be. She dresses poorly and tried to start a fashion line for under $300. The only peole who would buy a clothing line called closet freak would be shopping at Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 and spending no more than $30.00. Her clips are way too rehearesed. An intimate bath with your man, lighting guy, microphone guy and camera man. Get real.

    Sheree is a big nothing who is going through a midlife crisis. She can not come to grips with being her age and being a big zero. So, she carries herself in a manner that she thinks will make people think that she is what she is not. Seems like it worked until the party planning debacle.

    NeNe is a joke! She is as country as Trick Daddy, low class, poorly dressed, has a bad hair thing going on and married to her real father! So, she needs to stop looking!

    Kandi is the only normal person on the show. I love the smile and personality. I guess life is easy when you have had a couple of million since the age of 19. LOL!

  • http://Bossip Bliss

    @ Another Day!!! Well Said I love it!

  • http://Bossip Blake

    You said it SuperWomen! Thanks for the info I would have never known CALI!

  • Glenda

    Can we kick Lisa off the show, she is boring and two-faces.

  • felplmr38


  • YorkieLover

    Agree with SuperWoman!!!

    However,before the death of her fiance, I thought/and still think that Kandi needs a confidence boost and reality check,but she does have a little money and is taking care of hers.

  • Atlanta House Wife

    NeNe – Makes the drama and rating for the show!

    Kandi – Is the only sane woman on the show!

    Kim – Clueless with money?

    Lisa – Is very messy pay attention to her messy ways. She portraying the sweet girl, but she is very messy female.

    Sharee – Needs to stop hating on Lisa and embrace that Lisa admire her. But, other than that she rides alone.

  • Atlanta House Wife

    Dwight- Is an instigator/hater and want all the credit for someone else’e work.
    AJ- RIP!

    NeNe son – Needs to get a real job and stop acting like a thug!

  • mzsweetface

    I think Lisa is scared of Nene. She flipped out when Kim called her out on the reunion saying she was the one that told her Nene was singing about her. Now she’s all up under Nene trying to keep her enemy close.


    @Medievalpoetry go to they have all the full episodes

  • Aunt Viv


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