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A List Of White Actors Who Played Incredibly Racist Roles

If you haven’t seen Spike Lee’s new masterpiece, BlackkKlansman, yet, then you need to get your azz to a theater ASAP. We got a chance to check it out this weekend and left the theater with a whole lot of feels.

The cast was incredible, John David Washington, Adam Driver and Laura Harrier were exceptional, but Topher Grace, well, he was almost TOO good. Obviously a film about a Black detective infiltrating the KKK is going to be chock full of n-words, “coons”, “spooks” and the like, but Topher’s ability to deliver such hateful rhetoric with confidence will have you ready to drag him out back for a 5-minute fade in the alleyway.

His performance got us to thinking, who are the other white actors who played their racist azz parts so well on-screen that you might “accidentally” knock the grande, soy, triple macchiato out of their hand if you ran into them at Starbucks in real life?

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