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Nikki Baby Betrays Teairra Mari

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Teairra Vs. Nikki Baby

Teairra Mari needs better friends. On Monday, the singer slash reality star was looking for someone to have her back in her situation with Akbar, namely the sex tape footage that leaked online. Teairra had a whole press conference and everything and just wanted a friend to be there. That friend was supposed to be Nikki, but she couldn’t attend because her *checks notes* father was in the hospital.

However, it turns out that Nikki was lying the whole time. She was watching the press conference and eating popcorn. Twitter knew and was ready to pound. Who’s ready for some good old-fashioned Nikki Baby slander?

“I don’t care what nobody say I think Akbar has something on Nikki Baby and she is scared as hell right now!!

“I find it funny that Nikki was rolling along with Paris to get the dirt on Akbar but then when it’s time to be by her side she say she got her own problems going on seems kinda Shady to me 😒🤔🤔🤔#LHHH”

“But wasn’t Nikki sitting on the couch watching the press conference 🤔🤔🤔 and not at the hospital #LHHH”

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“I’m confused so the press conference was taped ? Kuz Nikki and Paris watched it together . When was Nikki with her dad at the hospital? #LHHH”

“Nikki was in the hospital????…..wasn’t she at Paris house watching the press conference on demand eating popcorn and drinking mimosas 😂😂😂😂 #LHHH”

“#LHHH Now Paris and Nikki went full force to find the dirt tho. But when it hit the fan folded. What friends!! Forget those excuses… Your daddy didn’t seem sick you were partying. Nikki Nikki I liked you but dam. Paris just mess that’s it from episode 1 on”

“#LHHH Nah… How hard is it to pick up the phone & say “I can’t come, my dad’s in the hospital. Thinking of you”? It wasn’t that Nikki COULDN’T come, she CHOSE not to come & she CHOSE to ignore Teairra. Mmkay… 😒”

“#lhhh I don’t think Akbar has anything on Nikki. I think Nikki isn’t about that life. She didn’t grow up like T and she isn’t about to truly “ride or die” bc she’s ultimately a good girl. She just thinks she’s “bad”

“@#lhhh I do understand where Nikki is coming from but at the same time you can’t be coming at her like that that’s your friend ride or die till the wheels fall off I love you Nikki but it’s ride or die till the wheels fall off you can’t turn your back on her even she wrong”


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