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Anita Hill Speaks Up Over Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Request For FBI Investigation Before Appearing At Hearing

History repeats itself and we can’t afford to make the same mistakes twice. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman when he was 17 and she was even younger. His accuser is an accomplished academic — a professor named Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and she’s already braved some horrible attacks to speak her truth. She’s now asking that the FBI conduct an investigation into the incident before she’ll take the stand at a hearing herself and she’s being backed by powerful women, including Anita Hill, who was in a very similar situation nearly 30 years ago when she stepped forward about suffering sexual harassment while working with Judge Clarence Thomas, who as a SCOTUS nominee at the time. Watch Anita’s talk on Dr. Blasey Ford’s position below:

For anyone against an investigation — we simply can’t fathom WHY we would not thoroughly VET a SCOTUS nominee. Just do the investigation so that the Senate can fairly hear out Dr. Blasey Ford if she does take the stand!

And for the people who argue that Kavanaugh was just 17 at the time — 17 is old enough to know right from wrong and to know better than trying to disrobe a woman or take advantage of her. This man will sit on the highest court of the United States if he’s confirmed. His character should be thoroughly investigated and no stone should be left unturned.

Hit the flip for Sen. Mazie Hirono’s take on the situation.



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