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Image via Courtesy of Fulton County Court

Delicia Cordon Blames Ex LeSean McCoy For Robbery & Beatdown

The ex-partner of NFL star LeSean McCoy has revealed photos of her severe injuries from a July home invasion that she believes her former lover orchestrated.

Delicia Cordon included the gruesome photos in a new court filing where she pleads with the judge not to dismiss her case against McCoy, where she alleges that he wanted her out of his mansion so badly that he set her up to be robbed and jumped at the home.

The photos, obtained by BOSSIP, show the mother of two with two black eyes, a swollen jaw, mottled bruises and a gash across her forehead. Cordon said in court papers that it took her weeks to heal after the attack and she continues to suffer from stress and anxiety.

In the new filing, Cordon blasts McCoy’s claims that her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on because she was essentially squatting in his house. She said McCoy bought the house for them to live in together, and she and her kids lived there year-round while he visited every now and then. She said he put her at severe risk when he abruptly changed the locks, disabled the home’s camera and got a new security system but wouldn’t share the new info with Cordon.

“…A reasonable person clearly understands that preventing access to the home security system to those who live in the house leaves said individuals, and the home, vulnerable and within the range of any dangerous act being done on the premises,” Cordon’s filing, which was obtained by BOSSIP, states. “Such a dangerous act is precisely what was planned and what occurred in the instant matter.”

Delicia Cordon’s injuries. Courtesy of Fulton County Court

The model also said McCoy can’t prove his claim that she doesn’t have any evidence that he was behind the home invasion.

Meanwhile, McCoy’s baby mama Stephanie Maisonet also submitted a statement to bolster Cordon’s case, alleging that she overheard McCoy tell someone on the phone “I need to get this b*tch out of my house,” and convinced her to let McCoy’s assistant publish a post on her Instagram saying that he was a great dad right after the home invasion. In exchange, McCoy promised to roll over on their child custody agreement and allow their son to attend school in Miami.

McCoy hadn’t responded to either Maisonet nor Cordon’s court filings as of Sept. 19.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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