Cold World: Vegas High Roller Boots Denzel Washington From His Boxing Match Seat

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Denzel Washington promoting his new film 'The Equalizer 2' at Global Radio Studios - London

Denzel Washington Asked To Move After Taking Boxing Spectator’s Seats

Wow. This is embarrassing. Denzel Washington was reportedly spotted at the Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez championship fight in Vegas sitting in the wrong seat — and the person who the seat belonged to wasn’t trying to give it up!

According to Page Six, a Vegas high roller embarrassed Denzel in front of Will Smith, LeBron James and Dave Chappelle by asking him to give up his seat:

“I love you, but you’re in my seat,” the man said. “This isn’t a movie. There’s no stuntman. This is real life.”

Washington, who was sitting with former NBA player Norm Nixon, gave up the seat.

The night got better for the high roller too because according to the report, once Denzel left, Mexican bigwigs Carlos Bremer and Carlos Slim, who witnessed the exchange, invited the high roller to the afterparty for Álvarez at the Mansion at the MGM Grand, where Paul Anka sang with a mariachi band.

Denzel’s rep said, “I don’t know a thing about it,” after being reached for comment.

Damn shame you can’t even be embarrassed in peace if you’re a celeb. Denzel probably didn’t even want to sit there — his homeboy was probably like “Come sit over here by me, nobody is going to bother you. King Kong ain’t got isht on you.” Then this crap happened and he ends up getting embarrassed in front of Chappelle and Bron Bron first then again by Page Six. SMH.

Hate it had to happen to our guy Denzel. Have you ever tried to switch to a better seat at a big event and been forced to move? Feel like this has happened to everyone at least once right? See, the stars are just like us!

We still love you Denzel.

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