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Lyrica G And Pam Had A Brawl

Who doesn’t hate their in-laws, right? Pam and Lyrica G have never gotten along, but this week on Love & HIp-Hop they tried to squash the beef but it only got worse. The two women threw on their titanium fighting wigs and hit the beach to air things out. What happened was…not peaceful. They ended up brawling in the sand with security having to hold them back.

Twitter couldn’t get enough of the awkward, tumbling fight, nor could they get over the struggle of their wigs. It’s a shame these women couldn’t get along because they could really bond over blend struggles and bundle poverty. For shame. This is what happens when we can’t looks past our differences.

Peep the hilarity of the fight and Twitter flaming everyone in sight.

“#LHHH Pam and Lyrica G. struggling to get out of their chair to fight is the highlight of the episode 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “

“Lyrica G almost died trying to get to Pam. Yall seen how security tackled auntie? Lmaooo. Ayo. #LHHH”

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Well so much for the mamas getting along Lyrica G knows damn well she wrong for showing Pam that ultrasound.😖😞#LHHH



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