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Kanye West Calls Donald Trump A Father Figure In Oval Office Meeting

Kanye West’s father is alive and well. In fact, Kanye was JUST with his father celebrating his victorious battle with cancer.

On October 2, Kanye tweeted out a photo of a plate of bugs with the caption:

My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer. No more fear

However, none of that stopped Kanye from calling Donald Trump his “father figure” just moments ago while sitting in the Oval Office spouting off some manic gibberish about America.

The slander is rapidly building to a category 5…

Flip the page to see some other reactions to Kanye’s d**khead diatribe.

The camera man who zoomed in on Kanye’s phone is a whole creep.

Can’t really argue with his logic.

F***ing flummoxed.

You have to do a LOT of exemplary a$$-kissing to genuinely surprise a person who needs a$$-kissing like lungs need air.

Kanye was about to get get Jazzy Jeffed out of massah’s house.

Apparently Kanye’s president is fresh enough.

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People’s entire lives have been destroyed and the president is playing reality TV politics with this unintelligible anus.

We’re still not inviting Taylor Swift to the cookout, but at least she’s encouraging people to vote Democrat. We’ll allow this tweet.

Rage on, white man.

These facts are WELL above average-sized.



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