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Justine Skye Reveals She Suffered An Abusive Relationship

We have had our eye on Justine Skye for a LONG time and are happy to see that she is finding a real voice for herself and revealing some difficult truths in the process. The singer’s video for her new single “Build” was released at midnight. The clip, which also features Interscope artist Arin Ray, showcases Justine and other young women coping with some pretty ugly situations with young men. Watch it below:

Prior to dropping the video Justine posted a few times on Instagram to let fans know it was coming.

Then when it dropped she posted a short clip along with a longer caption describing something she recently experienced in her real life.

As DV Awareness month comes to an end.. the issue doesn’t just disappear. Recently I’ve had one of the scariest/heart breaking experiences in my life and it’s still hard for me to talk about.

I felt stupid, angry, depressed.. blamed myself. Trying to figure out how someone who claimed they loved me so much could find such evil within themselves to hurt me mentally and physically.

Learned a lot about the people I chose to call my “friends”.. and about myself. I was one of those people who would be like “No man would ever put their hands on me! .. blah blah blah..” We all think we know what we’d do until it’s happening to you.

Now, I’m not looking for sympathy and never thought this would be part of the story I’d be telling of my self.. unfortunately it is, but I won’t let it be what defines me.

I had to find the strength within myself and I’m hoping that through this video I can motivate whoever else is going through this or worse, to do the same.

You are strong, you are loved and you deserve so much better 💜

“Grown-Ish” actor Da’Vinchi who played Justine’s love interest in the video also posted a clip to promote the release of the visualsk, noting that it was “based on a true story” in his caption.

These are really important things that we all should be discussing. We hope that Justine has gotten the help she needs to recover from her trauma and that she’ll use her voice to continue to amplify the real issues.

Now we’re really looking forward to what this RocNation stunner has in store with her upcoming album!


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