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Megyn Kelly Demands $10 Million To Stay Silent About NBC

Megyn Kelly‘s show was trash, her ratings were trash, and her Blackface takes were trash, yet somehow she feels like she deserves a lil’ sum’n extra to keep the tea in the kettle.

According to TMZ, Kelly and her lawyer are negotiating her buyout from NBC as we speak. Being that Kelly was being paid $25 million per year, NBC offered her $38 million which is basically the remaining balance on her contract.

Here lies the rub. It’s standard practice to ask a bought-out former employee to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Thing is, Megyn’s lawyer told NBC she would not sign anything that would silence her unless she was paid an additional $10 million. To which NBC responded, “go suck ya mudda”. Well, they didn’t say that verbatim, but that was most certainly the sentiment of their reply.

That said, there must be some fear at NBC that Megyn will do them the same way she did Fox News when she left them. Her book Settle For More took the network to task for all sorts of shady shenanigans during her tenure there.

The audacity of this broad though, that’s like the worst player on your team demanding a raise. SMFH.



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