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Danity Kane Talks Diddy & Sexist/Colorist Comments In The Industry

The ladies of Danity Kane have more to say about their dealings with Diddy while signed to his Bad Boy Records label. The now trio consisting of Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex previously said that Diddy didn’t really care about their success and was more interested in the “Making The Band” aspect of their formation.

Now they’re giving out more details to Cosmopolitan in a transparent and raw sitdown where they say he made sexist comments about them.

Back when Aubrey O’Day was fired from the group, Cosmo pointed out that what Diddy said to Aubrey had little to do with her business practices and was more anti-feminist with words like “promiscuous” being thrown out.

In an argument with Aubrey on the show, Diddy asked her if she “wanted to look like a Playboy playmate” and added that he “didn’t wanna sign Pamela Anderson.” Later when he officially axed her he said;

“I don’t like her energy, I don’t like her style and direction where she’s going with it, I don’t like what she does to the brand when she’s wilding out there being overly raunchy, promiscuous.”

[Photo Credit: Ruben Chamorro for Cosmo]

Sounds a LOT like slut-shaming to us.

Via Cosmopolitan:

In prepping for this interview, I re-watched the episode of Making the Band 4 in which Diddy fires Aubrey and D. Woods from the group, and it just struck me how anti-feminist it was. I mean, he used words like “promiscuous” to explain his reasoning…

Richard: It wasn’t about her being “promiscuous.” It was about the power to prove, I own your career.

O’Day: And I’m not promiscuous. I didn’t lose my virginity until my senior year of college.

Richard: It wasn’t even about that. It gave him an excuse. It was to let you know, This is my show, this is my s***, and I want to prove to you that it’s my s*** and I’m going to show you how much power I have over you by saying I’m going to control your lives. It’s so much bigger than that even though, you’re right, it was extremely sexist.


It was really uncomfortable to watch.

Shannon Bex: Whenever you had conversations with him, it was almost like you were asking, “Is this OK?” And Aubrey didn’t like to bring the apprehension, so she was like, No! This is what it is. He didn’t like that.

It felt like a reaction to…

O’Day: Being challenged.

And someone having power when you want to be the only one with power and reacting to that.

Dawn then added that she and band member D. Woods would often have Aubrey speak up for them so that they wouldn’t be painted as “angry black women” and later she told Cosmo about a shocking meeting where colorist remarks were made.

Hit the flip to see which industry exec allegedly made disgusting remarks about her looks.



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