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Sam Whiteout Gets Dragged

Remember Sam Whiteout? He’s the white member of Kappa Alpha Psi who got his fame for being a good shimmier for a white guy. He’s parlayed that social media fame into inexplicably being some sort of voice for social justice. He parlayed THAT into this article for the *checks notes* Harvard Kennedy School Journal of AFRICAN AMERICAN Public Policy about wokeness.

Read all that again.

What made him think he could pull this off? His C-grade term paper featured doozies like:

“Today, being woke and doing good have become part of the pop culture and have certainly become a bit diluted in the process. Many of the grassroots activists who you might expect to wear their wokeness as a badge of honor now use the various terms less and less to avoid being associated with its satirical and cynical connotations. Specifically, wokeness has lost some of its connection to Black activism. However, the idea of being woke and doing good is only more and more powerful in the culture at large. Social good is resonating more than ever with folks across the country. With popularization comes monetization.”


“However, as the link between wokeness and profit becomes more clear, we will face more and more attempts to capitalize off this trend without actually being woke or doing any good at all.”

With ZERO irony at all. He doesn’t even acknowledge that he’s white in the whole piece!!!!

What the hell?!

Twitter wants no parts of this and have taken to dragging him to hell and back. Take a look.

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