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Woman’s Face Swells After Reaction To Hair Dye

A French woman’s shocking story is making international headlines. A 19-year-old woman named Estelle told French publication Le Parisien that her face swelled to epic proportions based on a chemical in her hair dye. While Estelle tested the color on a small section of her hair, she didn’t wait the suggested 48 hours to see if she’d react to it.

The end result was a super scary allergic reaction that caused her face to swell up and made it hard for her to breathe. Estell said she worried she’d die from the reaction.

Estelle reacted to Paraphenylenediamine or PPD. If someone is allergic to PPD it can cause serious complications including renal failure and respiratory failure. Estelle is adamant that beauty companies should put more emphasis on telling consumers to strand test their product before use.

Remember back in 2017 when we told you about PPD causing a similar reaction when a health blogger named Chemese Armstrong dyed her hair with Henna?

Be careful out there, people.



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