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Kevin Hart Ousted As Oscars Host Over Old Tweets

Kevin Hart is OUT as host of the 91st Academy Awards ceremony because of his refusal to apologize for old tweets.

The comedian seemed elated to have been confirmed as the host of the February 2019 ceremony earlier this week, but things got a bit shaky for him on Thursday afternoon when old tweets and jokes of him speaking negatively about homosexuality resurfaced:

Kevin scrambled to delete the tweets in question (this is only a handful of the offenders), but it appears the damage is done. The funnyman took to his Twitter and Instagram to talk about how little time he had for all the animosity coming his way over the old tasteless jokes…

But Kevin CLEARLY saw all the negativity he claimed to have been dodging because he popped up a few hours later with THIS to say about all the “negative people” who seem to be so angry about his past (undeleted for some strange reason) tweets and old outlook on homosexuality:

And when it came to the Academy, it seemed that Kevin drew the line at apologizing for his old offensive statements. Even though the tweets are brand new news to a large sector of the population that will be watching the Oscars next February, Kevin felt that he’s made all the apologies he’ll ever make for saying the things he has, so the committee can simply find another host if that’s how they feel:

Still, Kevin came back and apologized later in the evening, stating that he had made the decision to step down (even though he previously said he had been dropped from the gig) so as not to be a distraction on the big night.

Sheesh. Well it seems like we won’t be getting Kevin as a host this year. Seeing as how he “re-apologized” later on anyway, do you think he simply should have apologized when the Academy first asked and held on to his position as host?

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