Florida Crazies: Grown Man Arrested For Assaulting Teenager After Dodgeball Game

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Florida Man Arrested For Assaulting Teenager During Dodgeball

This grown azz man from Largo, Florida couldn’t handle his emotions toward a teenager and now he’s in jail and facing a felony.

According to Fox13News, 22-year-old Halid Dedic was arrested following a dodgeball game where he lost his cool with a 15-year-old who hit him with a ball– we thought that was kind of the point of the game, but we digress.

“He then charged the victim and attempted to tackle him only to then stand back up and charge the victim again. The defendant then open hand slapped the victim,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Witnesses told the cops that Dedic was heavy in his trash talking bag to the other kids who were playing. Guess he’s thinks he’s some sort of dodgeball legend. Florida weirdos. SMH.

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