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2018 Viral Challenges Ranked

2018 was one hell of a year, and the social media challenges that went viral are a direct reflection of that. We ranked this year’s viral challenges from dangerous to doable; wackest to littest. Keep it real — how many of these did you try this year?

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The Condom Challenge 

Yes, people were actually snorting condoms this year just for the hell of it. Not only was this challenge stupid AF, but it’s also dangerous as hell. Doctors say that participating in the condom challenge can result in difficulty breathing and/or choking. No word on how many kids we lost to snorting condoms, but let’s hope this is the last year we’ll see such nonsense.

The Tide Pod Challenge 

Why do folks insist on risking their health for the Internet? The Tide Pod challenge involves kids eating the small laundry detergent pacs and filming themselves chewing it while the hazardous product oozes out. According to reports, children who have been exposed to the capsules have been hospitalized with vomiting, breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness. Yet another perilous challenge that should be banned and taken more seriously by the Health Department, parents and the teens that partake in it.

Fluff Challenge 

The first couple of times we saw a dog owner pretend to disappear, leaving his pup confused — it was pretty creative and hilarious. But after multiple failed attempts and people trying the same trick with their cats, we weren’t that impressed with the Fluff challenge after all. The original is still classic, though.

The Level Up Challenge

Ciara was smart to use the internet to promote her comeback single “Level Up”. The Level Up Challenge not only got folks dancing again, but got people to start thinking of ways they can level up in their own lives.

But did the song live up to the challenge?

I’m afraid not. Still love Cici though.

M’baku Challenge 

The Black pride was so real when Black Panther was released in February. But who would have thought that pseudo-villain M’Baku would be the character to go viral? Winston Duke’s powerful performance had kids (and adults) all over the globe impersonating him. This was definitely one of the better viral moments of 2018.

Uproar Challenge 

What better way to celebrate the return of Lil Wayne and the highly anticipated release of the Carter V than with a viral challenge? Swizz Beatz knew just what he was doing giving Weezy the classic “Special Delivery” sampled banger, forcing the young folks to do their research, which in turn brought the Harlem Shake back! What more can you ask for in 2018.

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DJ Takeoff Challenge 

2018 was the year that Takeoff got his just due. The low key Migos member released his solo album, and even made Quavo’s song “Lose It” hot with an impromptu DJ session that literally took off.

This has to be one of the funniest challenges of the year. Probably THEE most comical one. Yeahhhh Take!

Black Panther Dance Challenge

Actress Kendra “K.O” Oyesanya probably had no idea what she was doing when posted her lit dance routine jamming to the song “Omunye” by Distruction Boyz after seeing Black Panther for the first time. But the Internet got a hold of it and apparently felt the same energy she did after seeing the groundbreaking film. Pretty soon after that, other dancers started posting their own BP dance videos. What a year to be Black and Lit!

In My Feelings Dance Challenge

Things were looking a lil shaky for Drake after his intense beef with Pusha T and fans found out that he had a kid with a porn star. But in true Drizzy fashion, he bounced back with an infectious song that pretty much took over the world. He better thank his lucky stars for Shiggy, who actually created the poppin’ dance that took the song to the next level. Whether you call the Kiki Challenge, the Shiggy Dance Challenge or In My Feelings Challenge — it was the best viral moment of the year. PERIODT.


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