Weatherman fired for using a racist slur about MLK Jr. on live TV

High Chance Of Discrimination: Weatherman In Rochester Fired After Slipping Racial Slur Into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Name

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Reverend Martin Luther King, 1958

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Weatherman Fired For Using Racist Slur About Martin Luther King Jr.

Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell was shown the door at his WHEC-TV job after uttering a racial slur against Black people while live on air.

During his broadcast Jeremy was desribing a live shot from Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Rochester, NY, problem is when uttering the good reverend doctor’s name Jeremy said “Martin Luther Coon Jr.”


According to USAToday, Jeremy was subsequently fired from the station after Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and City Council President Loretta Scott called for the station to let the doorknob hit him where the good lord split him.

“It is beyond unacceptable that this occurred. There must be real consequences for the news personality involved and also for the management team that failed to immediately apologize and address the slur,” the statement from Warren and Scott said. “The individual responsible for the slur should no longer be employed at Channel 10.”

The station’s general manager Richard A. Reingold had this to say on the matter:

“As a result of that broadcast, meteorologist Jeremy Kappell is no longer with News10NBC,” Reingold said. “We believe strongly in holding our reporters and anchors to the highest standard.”

Maybe, or News 10 NBC just doesn’t want any Black woman mayoral smoke. Either way, the goal of having Kappell removed was accomplished.

For his part, Kappell took to Facebook to “apologize” and cop pleas about what happened.

A white meteorologist should talk about the rain, not the regin of white supremacy.



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