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Wisconsin Babysitter With History Of Child Abuse Allegations, Returned Infant To Mother Without Revealing Death

This is just horrific. A Wisconsin woman is making headlines for allegedly killing a 2-month-old boy she was babysitting, concealing his death and returning him to his mother strapped in a car seat and disguised in winter clothing. CRAZY right.

According to PEOPLE reports, online court records show Marissa Tietsort was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide. Tietsort, who is a mother of five herself, has been in police custody since October after being detained on unrelated child abuse charges — yes you read that right — unrelated child abuse charges. Tietsort was initially given a $250,000 bond, but a judge has since doubled that amount. The criminal complaint against Tietsort alleges she knew the child in her care was dead but did not alert his mother when she came to pick him up.

An autopsy, which identifies the baby as “Benson,” determined the child died from blunt force trauma to the head, according to the criminal complaint against Tietsort. The medical examiner also noted severe damage to the infant’s tailbone, which indicates he was struck with great force. DISGUSTING, right? Who would do such a thing to a baby?

The mugshot looks so sinister considering, right?!

According to PEOPLE, the victim’s mother dropped him and his older brother at Tietsort’s home in Wausau, Wisconsin on Oct. 18th. The criminal complaint states that within two hours of leaving her children, the boys’ mother received a text from Tietsort alluding to an article from a local news website mentioning child abuse allegations against her and explaining that she wasn’t allowed to be in contact with children due to the allegations. The complaint says Tietsort asked the woman not to tell anyone she was watching her kids.

Here’s the question we had — if you got a text like that, would it alarm you enough to make you rush to pick up your kids?

The complaint says when the mother met Tietsort at a McDonald’s three hours later, the babysitter was allegedly acting like the infant was alive. Tietsort had dressed the child in winter clothing, strapped him into a car seat and pulled his hat down low over his eyes. The child’s mother told police it was after 9 pm so she believed her son was sleeping. It was moments later, while at a laundromat that she realized the baby was not breathing, and according to the complaint, his limbs were stiff and skin was cold. The child’s mother tried performing CPR on her son, which the child’s aunt dialed 911. Officers who responded to the scene noted the baby had “an ashen skin tone, his jaw was clenched and his lips were blue,” according to the complaint.

It gets worse.

The complaint alleges that Tietsort went swimming at a nearby hotel with her boyfriend and son shortly after returning the dead infant and brother to their mom. Police found Tietsort the following morning at a nearby hotel where she acknowledged watching the two boys but denied killing the baby. The complaint also alleges she told police at the time that she didn’t attempt to resuscitate the baby and decided against seeking medical treatment for him.

There’s more. Tietsort’s arrest in October came two months AFTER the father of an 11-month-old girl she was babysitting filed a complaint with police over alleged facial injuries he claimed his daughter suffered while in her care. There was also another allegation against Tietsort in 2017 but no charges were filed. According to local media reports, social services have taken custody of four of Tietsort’s children but were unaware she’d given birth to her fifth child. Tietsort is currently being held at the Marathon County Jail AND expecting a sixth child. Tietsort is expected to enter pleas during her next scheduled court appearance on January 18th.

Awful… Just horrible. We can’t help but to think if Tietsort’s arrest for the incident involving the 11-month-old girl had come sooner, that baby boy would still be alive.

How young is too young to leave your baby in another person’s care? How do you determine if someone is trustworthy of such an important task?



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