You Need More People: Future Says He Checked Jay-Z About His Daddy Russ Lyrics And Zero People On Twitter Believe Him

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Future Claims To Have Checked Jay-Z

Future has been making the media rounds to promote his banger of a new album and has definitely snatched headlines more than once. He’s called Russell Wilson less than a man and thrown shade like only Fewtcha can. However, his latest interview has fans and detractors giving him the side eye. On Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 he addressed the Jay-Z lyric from “Kill Jay-Z” about Wilson raising his kid.

Future said in the above clip that he approached Jay about the lyric and said his piece but Twitter is of the belief that Future had a little more base in his voice in the interview than he did in real life.

Twitter is fighting over all of it. What did Future really say? Should he be offended? What should Jay have done? All of it is an ashy mess of emotions and in-fighting. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the reactions.

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