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Terry Crews Dragged For Liam Neeson Defense

We at Bossip absolutely love Terry Crews and all he’s done to stand up for sexual assault victims, and when you love someone you have to hold them accountable. Which means we gotta hold Crews accountable for his stance on Liam Neeson.

After at first tweeting this about Liam Neeson…


he added something problematic. Check it out here:

The problem here is that Liam never quite owned up to the racist part of his admission that he went on a hunt to kill a “black bastard.” He just sort of glazed over that part. The problem with his whole spiel was laid out perfectly over at Newsone (you can read the whole article here).

Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, who was out patrolling a neighborhood under no one’s direction but his own. He spotted a teenage Trayvon Martin and called 911 while following him. During that 911 call, Zimmerman is heard saying “These assholes always get away” — clearly an indication that Zimmerman had preconceived biases towards Black people in America; an idea that Black folks are prone to crimes and don’t pay for them. That night, an altercation ensued and Trayvon Martin was dead; killed by a man angry that Black people supposedly get away with crimes.

So, on Martin’s birthday, Good Morning America had Liam Neeson on to discuss the time he went on a vigilante crusade to murder a Black man because a Black man raped someone close to him. Neeson didn’t go looking for the actual rapist. Neeson didn’t go looking for just a man. He went looking for a Black man. Because shared race was close enough proximity for him to exact revenge. He wanted a “Black bastard” while George Zimmerman saw an “a$$hole.” The mission is the same. The motivation is the same. The end result was different because Neeson didn’t find a Black person during that time. Zimmerman did.

Crews has gotten lit up for his take by everyone from writers and activists to Wale.

In short, the man is getting dragged to hell. Now we won’t allow this to discredit the work he’s done so far, but we will hold him accountable for this horrid take.

So peep the dragging that is taking place:



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