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Wendy Williams Allegedly Avoiding Her Staff Has Them Furious

The patience of the staffers at the Wendy Show is reportedly becoming thin according to a Daily Mail report.

They are reporting that her Wendy Show employees are calling Wendy Williams “selfish” and “hypocritical” for not disclosing what’s REALLY keeping the star away from the set, while their futures hang in the air. Many of the workers, who have been there since the beginning feel as if Wendy is hiding and using a medical excuse, instead of just coming clean about why she’s really unreachable. While on her hiatus, Wendy has reportedly been in secret contact with Nick Cannon, but purposely avoiding producers who have been by her side for years.

So what’s the real tea, Wendy? They think she’s a hypocrite for judging other celebs but can’t address her issues with her tv ‘family.’

One staffer told DailyMailTV:

‘Many of us have been here since the early days and it’s a complete joke to be kept in the dark like this. How could she be so selfish? We all rely on this paycheck.

‘I mean please, she has made a fortune from tearing people down, however, when it comes to her own life, it’s all a secret. Imagine if this was another celebrity living their life like she does, she’d be sipping the tea and talking about it on Hot Topics every d**n day. She’s such a hypocrite.’

Another staffer said:

 ‘She’s managed to keep the real reason for her absence a secret, however you can’t leak something that no one knows.

‘She’ll allegedly pick up the phone for Nick Cannon but she can’t tell us what is going on.

‘For her to be talking about her ”family unit” to Nick, it’s an absolute joke. That ain’t no normal family unit.’


Yikes. Do YOU think the show’s workers have a reason to be a little perturbed with unreachable Wendy?



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