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Israelis of Ethiopian Origin Protest Racism in Kiryat Malakhi

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The Rest Are For It Or “Unsure”

Unfortunately, the first week of Black History Month has turned into Blackface History Month thanks to a bombardment of pasty politicians and melanin deprived brands. Now, with a new report, it’s clear that blackface approval isn’t a rare feeling.

According to The New York Post, YouGov polled 1,500 adults in the United States between Saturday and Tuesday, asking, “Is it acceptable or unacceptable for a white person to wear blackface makeup?”

Just 58 percent of Americans said they were against the racist tradition, while 42 percent condoned the act or were unsure. More specifically, a majority found it unacceptable, while 26 percent were unsure and the remaining 16 percent said it was A okay.

YouGov discovered more of a disparity in answers when broken down by political parties. Twenty-nine percent of Republicans said they are cool with blackface, while just 6 percent of Democrats said they were fine with it. Sixteen percent of independents believed it to be unacceptable.

The poll was conducted as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam‘s was exposed for allegedly wearing blackface in his medical school yearbook. Not only was the person in blackface, but they were also standing beside someone in a Ku Klux Klan robe. Northan denied he was any of the men in the photo, but he did admit that he once painted on blackface for a Michael Jackson impersonation. Many people are demanding Northam step down from his governor position.

Northam is one of a series of recent politicians who had their whole a$$ put on display for wearing blackface, including Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring. 

Both these men are Democrats btw.

Whereas the poll says one thing, reality proves that racism has no political lines.

Even clothing brands wanted in on a little bit of racism with Gucci releasing, and later apologizing for, a sweater that resembled blackface.

Smh, they’ll never learn.




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