Everybody’s Racist? Nick Cannon Exposes Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Silverman And Jimmy Kimmel For Wearing Black Face

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The Back of the Bus Theory
Now before you judge, just hear me
I never wanted to sit in the front in the first place
I rather run and come in first place, in my race
Matter of fact, I rather walk at my pace
And make them passengers catch up to me
While they debating on who had the best seat
50 years later I’m contemplating on buying every bus company in Montgomery
So I thank my ancestors for being the real Ruff Ryders
But now it’s time for us to be the bus drivers
What they did is sacrifice, so we can be providers
So picture me rollin’
And we couldn’t have done none of it without:
Rosa Parks or Claudette Colvin
Oh for sure, our history is our true tokens
And now we can be free, open and outspoken
It’s about not forgetting where you come from
But more importantly you gotta know where you’re going
So when it comes to the back of the bus theory
I’mma step
I believe Dr. King said it best
My feet may be tired but my soul is at rest

Now this is the kind of Black History Month content we look forward to!



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